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I joined Droplo and the very next day I had several new B2B Partners, we have a lot of enquiries about our products from all over the world.
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Droplo helped us scale our B2B sales into new markets in the EU, the implementation went quickly and we could count on help and support at every stage.
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We were sceptical at first, but Droplo quickly allayed our fears. We use Droplo warehouses in Germany and the Netherlands which has greatly improved our B2B sales in these markets.
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Droplo is a B2B platform that helps Manufacturers reach new markets and increase sales through global Cross-Border. We offer access to 5M+ potential B2B Partners from around the world, as well as tools to automate B2B processes and manage sales.

Droplo helps solve key challenges in scaling sales and expanding into new markets, among others:

  • Limited and costly access to new markets
  • Low sales effectiveness
  • Lack of scalability
  • Currency risk
  • Lack of control over the supply chain

Cross-border allows:

  • Reaching new markets and increasing the B2B Partner base
  • Diversification of sales and reduction of business risk
  • Revenue and profit growth
  • Strengthening market position and staying ahead of the competition

Droplo offers a range of tools and services to help producers cross-border, including:

  • Access to translation and support on legal issues
  • Product Warehousing and Logistics Cost Optimization
  • Currency risk management tools
  • Integration with ERP and warehouse systems

Droplo is the ideal solution for Manufacturers who want to:

  • Increase sales
  • Reaching new markets
  • Diversify sales
  • Strengthen your market position

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