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Cross Border
New B2B Partners

Average number of new B2B Partners following the first 3 months after entering a new market.

Number of orders

Average increase in the number of orders following the first 3 months after entering a new market.

Number of offers sent

Average number of RFQs served following the first 3 months after entering a new market.

What do you gain from expanding with Droplo?

Expansion with Droplo provides access to a wider customer base, increases sales, reduces costs and offers scalability, analytics and support.

Droplo Review
Droplo helped us scale our B2B sales into new markets in the EU, the implementation went quickly and we could count on help and support at every stage.

Scaling up sales

With us, you can scale your business and increase sales while remaining profitable. Our solutions will help you:

  • Automate processes
  • Optimise marketing efforts
  • Improve customer service

Diversification of markets

With Droplo, diversifying your markets is a strategy that allows you to expand into new markets and reduce business risk. By doing so, you can:

  • reduce your dependence on a single market
  • build strong relationships with B2B Partners
  • diversify revenue sources

Building a global brand

Do you dream of making your company globally recognisable? With Droplo you can build a strong global brand that:

  • will attract customers from different countries and cultures
  • strengthens your position in a competitive market
  • increases the value of your business

New sales channels

Discover new sales channels and open up new opportunities! Looking for ways to reach more customers and increase sales?

With us you will discover new sales channels that:

  • Broaden your customer base and increase the reach of your products
  • Enable you to reach new markets and target groups
  • Increase your competitiveness in the market

Reaching new customers

Are you looking for ways to attract new customers and increase sales? With us you will discover new opportunities to reach B2B Partners who:

  • Increase your customer base and ensure stable business growth
  • Expand your portfolio with new, lucrative contracts
  • They will strengthen your position in a competitive market.

Complete Cross-Border Ecosystem for Manufacturers

We streamline and automate overseas expansion processes, providing access to an extensive distribution network, analytical tools and support at every stage.

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Find out more about international expansion

Cross-Border B2B is international trade between companies. It involves the sale and distribution of products and services between companies in different countries.

Cross-Border B2B is a powerful tool for companies that want to expand their business into the global market. Careful preparation, the right strategy and the use of available tools can ensure success in this fast-growing segment.

Cross-Border B2B with Droplo offers many benefits for Manufacturers, including:

  • Access to new markets and a wider customer base
  • Opportunity to diversify activities and reduce risk
  • Increased sales and revenue growth
  • Strengthening competitive position on the global market

Cross-Border B2B also comes with some challenges, which you will overcome together with Droplo:

  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Differing legal and tax regulations
  • Complicated logistical procedures and warehousing of products across multiple countries
  • Selecting the right tools and strategies for a given market
  • The right choice of sales channels
  • Exchange rate risk and currency fluctuations

There are a number of good practices that can help companies succeed in Cross-Border B2B, we use among others:

  • Thorough market research and competitive analysis
  • Establishing cooperation with local partners
  • Tailoring the offer to the specific characteristics of the target market
  • Ensuring effective communication and customer service
  • Use of appropriate tools and integration

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Together with our Experts, you will plan and go through the entire implementation process on the platform and selected global markets.