Legal and tax support in the EU

Company registration, customs, choosing the right tax form or VAT OSS - full support from Enterprise Class experts in one place.

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Tax and leagal Cross-Border

We help manufacturers

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Cross-Border legal advice in the EU

Our team of experienced lawyers has expertise in customs law, VAT, product regulation and other legislation applicable to cross-border in the EU.

  • Legal analysis
  • Preparation of required documentation
  • Representation before authorities
  • Dispute resolution consulting
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legal advice cross border
Taxes and duties

Tax and customs consultancy

We will analyse the tax and customs obligations in the destination country, taking into account the type of activity, business model and planned distribution strategy.

Tax obligations

Tariff classification of goods

Tax structures

Customs and Tax Organisation

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taxes and duties UE
Adaptation to the market

Adaptation of products to selected markets

Adapting products to the specifics of a particular market is a key success factor. Here are some key areas in which we support Manufacturers:

  • Thorough examination of product saturation
  • Translation and implementation of local requirements
  • Customisation of product features e.g. color, size
  • Investigating competitiveness and prices
  • Development of an effective marketing strategy
  • Providing local language product support
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product customization
Brand protection

Brand protection in new markets

Protecting your brand is a key part of building a strong position in the global marketplace. Here are some key steps you will go through with Droplo to protect your brand in new markets:

Registration of the mark

Market monitoring

Awareness building

Enforcement of rights

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brand protection cross-border

We support the expansion of manufacturers into new markets

Expanding operations beyond the home country presents many opportunities, but also legal and tax challenges.

VAT OSS procedures

We monitor and advise on VAT registration abroad.

Registration of ROP packaging

We assist with the registration of packaging according to the regulations in the individual EU countries.

Product labelling

We analyse product labelling requirements. We help you obtain certificates, e.g. CE.

Terms and conditions

We will prepare sets of documents according to the standards and requirements in the respective market.

Monitoring of legislation

We continuously monitor all requirements and legislation in the EU markets.

Registration of company branches

We support with the registration and organisation of branches for overseas expansion.

The most common questions and answers related to legal and tax challenges

  • Different tax systems in each EU country
  • Volatility of legal and tax regulations
  • Lack of harmonisation of rules
  • Complexity of VAT settlements
  • The need to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Risk of double taxation
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Administrative barriers
  • Lack of access to information and support
  • Application of double taxation conventions
  • Proper tax planning
  • Consultation with a Droplo tax advisor
  • Linguistic and cultural differences
  • Legal and tax complexity
  • Costs associated with entering a new market
  • Simplifying VAT billing - Droplo automates the calculation and payment of VAT, saving time and money.
  • Minimising the risk of double taxation - Droplo assists with the use of double taxation treaties and provides access to tax advice.
  • Facilitating entry into the EU market - Droplo automates the processes of registering for VAT and reporting transactions to the relevant tax authorities.
  • Access to information and support.
  • Saving time and costs - Droplo automates many processes, allowing companies to focus on growing their business.

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