Sell products at retail

Extend B2B sales to local marketplaces such as Amazon and open your own online shop targeting business and retail customers.

DTC Producers
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Shop online
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Increase B2B sales and realise the potential of DTC

B2B Marketplace

Sell directly on the local Marketplace

In Droplo, you'll find ready-made integrations with the world's biggest marketplaces. Prepare, translate and list your products directly from Droplo.

Become a B2B Supplier

Open your own online shop

You will open an advanced online shop fully integrated with Droplo on our RedCart platform. The shop can serve B2B clients and consumers.

Become a B2B Supplier

DTC Marketplace
B2B & DTC Marketplace

Manage orders from multiple channels in Droplo

Handle orders from all integrated channels in one place - Droplo. You don't need to log in to other platforms to serve your Customers or B2B Partners.

Become a B2B Supplier

Find out more about B2B and DTC sales

Model DTC (Direct To Customer):

  • Direct-to-consumer sales.
  • Opportunity to build a strong brand and customer relationships.
  • Greater control over pricing and margins.
  • Requires more investment in marketing and branding.

Model B2B (Business To Business):

  • Sales to other companies.
  • Opportunity to establish long-term business relationships.
  • Stable revenue stream.
  • It requires greater flexibility in terms of pricing and margins.
  • Ability to create your own online shop.
  • Access to personalised marketing tools.
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms e.g. Amazon.
  • Handling orders from multiple sales channels in one place.
  • Product and packaging branding opportunities.
  • Ability to scale B2B sales in multiple countries.
  • Full support for Dropshipping.
  • Ready-made integrations with shop platforms.
  • Two-way integrations with marketplace e.g. Amazon.
  • Support for international transactions.
  • Legal and tax assistance.
  • Logistics facilities in EU countries.
  • BI analyses for products and markets.
  • Preparation and introduction of products to new markets.
You can join Droplo free of charge. You'll also find extensive support options and tools on offer. Take a look at our pricing.

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Together with our Experts, you will plan and go through the entire implementation process on the platform and selected global markets.

We have already opened 70,000+ online shops

  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Integrations with couriers
  • Support for B2B and DTC
  • Individual graphic design
  • ERP integrations
  • Enhanced PIM and OMS
B2B Marketplace