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Receive B2B orders from B2B Partners around the world in any currency. Withdraw funds when and in which currency you want.

  • No commission
  • No spreads
  • No risk
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Exchange currencies at the best prices

Droplo Wallet™ is an innovative B2B settlement system based on currency wallets. You can freely convert funds on wallets or withdraw to your bank account. No commissions! No credit cards! No bank debits!

Droplo Wallet™ for B2B

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Receive orders in multiple currencies

Our protfolio allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies. You decide when, in which currency and where you withdraw funds. The exchange rate is on average about 8% more favourable than in banks or traditional exchange offices.

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Instant withdrawals from the wallet

  • SEPA Instant transfers
  • Withdrawal of funds in any currency
  • Standing payment orders

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Safety and security at the highest level

Encrypted, secure wallets guarantee a high level of security in the exchange of data. The entire infrastructure and control of transactions is provided by the global Currency One system - one of the world's leading currency exchanges.

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Droplo Wallet™ is a currency wallet on the Droplo platform that allows you to receive international B2B payments without bank spreads or commissions.

  • Your business partner pays in their local currency.
  • The payment is automatically converted into the currency of your choice or credited to your wallet in the currency of the transaction.
  • You receive money in your Droplo Wallet™ without bank spreads or commissions.
Droplo Wallet™ can be used by all our customers who receive B2B international payments.

Droplo Wallet supports a wide range of currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CHF and many more.

Droplo Wallet™ does not charge fees for receiving payments. The only charges that may occur are small fees for transferring funds from Droplo Wallet™ to your bank account.

Droplo Wallet™ has no transaction limits. You can receive payments of any value.

Transfers in most countries are carried out immediately, thanks to SEPA Istant.