What is Droplo?

Droplo is a cross-border platform for B2B that connects manufacturers with buyers from all over the world

  • Dropshipping & B2B
  • Verified entrepreneurs
Dlaczego Droplo?

We help manufacturers

Cross Border UE

Start or expand B2B sales to EU countries

Comprehensive support for product launches in selected markets, warehousing and order fulfilment.

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Prepare products for international expansion

  • Product translations
  • Development of product descriptions
  • Legal recommendations

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Global products
Bi Raports B2B

Explore business potential in multiple markets

  • Competitiveness analysis
  • Market saturation survey
  • Sales potential report
  • Determining optimum prices for products

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In storage and shipping of products

A ready-made network of warehouses for e-commerce, so you can quickly start selling in any country in the EU.

  • Returns handling
  • Local carriers
  • Express delivery of shipments
  • Dropshipping support

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Droplo Fulfilment Cloud
Taxes B2B

In legal and fiscal alignment

Selling in new markets often requires adapting products and business operations to local laws.

We will provide you with complete guidance and legal and tax advice tailored to your business profile.

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In international transactions

  • Multicurrency
  • Secure transactions with entrepreneurs
  • Orders in your local currency
  • RFQ in your language
  • Verified counterparties

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Droplo Wallet
Sales Chanel

Handle orders from multiple channels

Ready-made OMS to manage orders from multiple sales channels in one place. Forward invoices and documents to B2B Partners. Manage Dropshipping from one place.

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In integrating with B2B Partners

Your offer will be available to 5M+ online retailers.

Ready-made and always up-to-date integrations with the largest marketplaces and shop platforms in the world. Your B2B Partners have a fully automated B2B ecosystem.

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Integrations Shopify, Woocommers, PrestaShop
DTC e-commerce

In selling to DTC e-commerce consumers

  • Building your own online shop
  • Product launches on the Marketplace (Amazon, Allegro, Kaufland, eBay)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer service in the local language
  • Support in handling product returns

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All B2B services in one place

We can help you select the right service package for your business.

Selected options
  • Global Cross-Border
  • Acquisition of new B2B Partners
  • B2B sales and Dropshipping
  • Foreign exchange settlements
  • Support from e-commerce experts
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I joined Droplo and the very next day I had several new B2B Partners, we have a lot of enquiries about our products from all over the world.
Droplo review
Droplo helped us scale our B2B sales into new markets in the EU, the implementation went quickly and we could count on help and support at every stage.
Droplo Review
We were sceptical at first, but Droplo quickly allayed our fears. We use Droplo warehouses in Germany and the Netherlands which has greatly improved our B2B sales in these markets.
Droplo Review
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